Sequant Reinsurance Company Limited (“Sequant Re”) is a Bermuda-based reinsurer licensed as a Class 3 insurer under the Insurance Act (1978) and registered as a segregated accounts company under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act (2000)

Sequant Re was formed to:

Bring to the investment community at large, fully customised and diversified portfolios of Insurance-Linked Securities (“ILS”), a specialist asset class offering attractive return and low correlation to other investment strategies

Provide advisory services to capital market participants looking to either launch their own reinsurance operation or enhance their current participation in the ILS market

Offer an efficient, flexible and scalable risk transformation platform to sophisticated buyers of reinsurance and asset managers, who are looking at taking the securitisation process to a higher level

We are a seasoned and respected team of professionals within the capital markets and global reinsurance industry. Collectively we have over 100 years of experience in sourcing, pricing, underwriting and modelling a wide variety of risks in all lines of business. Our extensive global re/insurance network gives us access to a wide array of solid transactions in many different markets and lines of business. We have established an outstanding reputation in building trusting and enduring investor relationships

Our Core Values


Knowledge, skills, experience, talent at being the best in what we do, is what sustains Sequant Re. We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients.


Change is the only certainty in life. We embrace change with enthusiasm and are consistently thinking of creative ways to become efficient without sacrificing the quality. We believe in hard work and putting in the extra effort to deliver innovative products and services that are time and cost efficient for our clients.


The work we do is highly technical and changes rapidly. “The way it’s always been done” will not be sufficient to succeed in the current market landscape. Clients are looking for customised solutions and added value rather than just a product or a service. Flexibility and ability to not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations is the only way forward.


Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of a great business. We readily and openly provide information. We proactively communicate with our customers and service providers and we make clear the rationale for our recommendations.


We believe excellence is the cornerstone to customer satisfaction. We take great pride in the quality of our work and are determined to achieve excellence in everything we do. We champion your cause and strive to be recognised for the outstanding experience every client deserves.