Bridging the Gap

The ILS market is maturing. Sophisticated buyers are looking to transfer more of their risk to the capital markets.

ILS fund managers and other investors are seeking to access re/insurance risks quickly, efficiently and selectively.

Sequant Re understands the importance of efficiency, flexibility, accuracy and speed of execution in the risk transformation process

Through its innovative use of segregated accounts, Sequant Re brings to the market an ideal risk transformation platform to bridge the gap and take the transformation process to a higher level.

Sequant Re Risk Transformation Platform

Sequant Re has established a platform comprised of two distinct types of cells:

Cedant Cell

Engaged exclusively in reinsurance transactions

Investor Cells

Engaged exclusively in funding the reinsurance transactions underwritten by Cedant Cells

Segregated accounts, also known as “cells”, are distinct accounts within a company with their own assets and liabilities, separate and isolated from any other cells

It is an ideal platform for efficiency and product innovation, which we believe is the future of the ILS market

A single “Investor Cell” can participate in as many “Cedent Cells” as it wishes, reducing duplication of processes and costs

Re/Insurance contracts can be customized and fully collateralized There is no limit to the number, size and diversity of risks being transformed into ILS

Creation of cells does not require regulatory pre-approval and the cost associated with their formation is minimal

Why Sequant Re?

The risk transformation cell is not required to be separately licensed as a reinsurer. Sequant Re is the license holder

Sequant Re has internally all the skills and knowledge to ensure the transformation is accurate without any residual underwriting or credit risk

We understand re/insurance risk and have the experience to validate contract terms and expected outcomes. We will even assist in obtaining a rating for the cell

Sequant Re is experienced and fully licensed in writing property catastrophe, casualty and specialty lines of reinsurance business

Sequant Re has assembled a team of top tier service providers to ensure competent and expedient execution